Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 19 - Hatfield, Pennsylvania to Willington, Conneticut

July 9, 2015

Post written by Cody!

Headed north from the philly area to the Hartford CT. When I started the truck this morning I noticed it was idling very rough and possibly missing on a cylinder. This was even worse as we hooked up and headed out. My lovely copilot found us a dealership just a few miles away. We high tailed it as quick as the ole stroker would go. 

As I am sure Natasha would tell you, I am very particular about my vehicles. Now that we were going to spend money on someone else fixing my truck, I was a bit uneasy. My fears were realized when I got the news that the number six injector was bad and my frame fuel pump was going out. We replaced both and were on our way. The staff at the dealership were extremely friendly and the mechanic that did the work was informant and made me feel at ease while working on my baby. 

After the long morning at the dealership we were back on the road. Traffic was a huge factor in the drive north and let me tell you it was not fun. Our gps took us onto routes that were not made for the height of our rv. With a couple reroutes we were good to go. We pulled into our spot at the usual 8pm-ish and putting it up for the night. Hopefully no truck issues tomorrow. 

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